Tips to Rent a Car in Woodbridge

If you have to enjoy your holiday season, you should contact Woodbridge car rental and book a car. These car rental companies employ evil genius methods to make you spend more money and some of these add-on charges are pretty sneaky.  Here are some car rental tips that you should follow if you want to save some money.

Choose the Car Hire Company Carefully

You need to make sure that the company that you have hired is completely reliable and helpful. Even though, it might not always be the cheapest option that you have at hand. In case you are looking for the best deal, you have to do your own research.

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While Booking

Check the Fuel Policy: Full to full fuel is the best.  This means that you collect full and also return full. This is normally east as there are filling stations at every airport.  Empty-to-empty isn’t preferred as the first thing that the Woodbridge car rental will have to do is fill it up. Nor do they like full-to-empty as most of the companies over the odds of the fuel tank.

Check if their Office is On-Site: It can be pretty boring to wait for the minibus to take you to the rental office.  Moreover, you will have to allow extra time on your return.  Popular destination is worst offenders. Hence, you need to check if there are offices on-site.

Check the Excess Amount and Cost to Reduce It: It is a pretty common practice to set the excess at a £500-2000.  They will be able to charge you £5 every day for reducing the friendly amount.  The daily surcharge of the Woodbridge car rental is hardly shown before the final booking stage and at times when you arrive. Surely, you can ignore the surcharge. However, it is better to buy an annual insurance policy for covering the excess with the company insurance.

Check the Price of Child Seat: A majority of the companies tend to charge much more than the odds. This will mean than within a night it will be more than the cost of the seat itself.  Hence, if you required you need to think about bringing your own seat for the Woodbridge car rentalFor your older kids, you can get portable booster seats like inflatable. Another solution is to rent a seat from the cheaper source.

Get a Good App: In case you are going on an offbeat track, car hire companies are rarely going to supply decent maps. Moreover, they are going to charge a lot more.  Make sure that you use a smartphone app that is going to download the maps to your phone prior to starting the journey. However, you should be aware of the fact that the route info is not always reliable.  If roaming charge is not an issue, you can also use Google Map.

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On Arrival

While Collecting the Car: Check for damage and mark it on your agreement with the Woodbridge car rentalAlso, check the spare wheel. In case you are in any doubt, you need to take photos of the car.

Drive Safely: You should not expect the drivers to be as careful as you are. You need to ensure that you know your way around.  You need to put in the correct fuel. Also, you should know which side of the road you have to use.

Reasons Why Limo Service Toronto Are Suited For Airport Transfers

Why Rent a Limo to the Airport?

If you are thinking of calling a cab rental to drive you to the airport, think again. Here are some reasons why rental limo service Toronto rentals make the best airport transportation:

  • A major consideration when deciding how you will get to the airport is making sure that you catch the plane in time. This is because if you miss the plane everything is in vain and all your preparation will have gone to waste. Limo services are reliable and their cars are well-maintained. You can rest assured that it will not break down on the way and make you miss your flight.
  • Limo chauffeurs are well-trained and understand the importance of punctuality. They can be expected to be there at your door for the pickup exactly at the time you had scheduled. Additionally, they have technology to view all possible routes from your place to the airport and make sure to take the best route.
  • Additionally, the chauffeurs have knowledge about the local streets. For instance, they know about the rush hour and how it affects the different routes or any construction work that might be going on that slows down traffic. This is how they make sure that the ideal route is taken and you reach well before time.
  • Lastly, if you are travelling with a huge group of friends and family, only a limo will be able to accommodate all along with the luggage. No one will have to drive and park their car at the airport which has high parking rates. Thus, it is also cost saving.

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Why Get a Limo to Drive You Home Form the Airport?

Once you get down from a flight, all you want is to get home and sleep your jet lag off. in this situation, it can be extremely frustrating to have to stand in the line for a taxi or wait hours for a taxi to show up. Here are some reasons why renting a limo to take you home from the airport are a great idea:

  • Limousines are equipped with some of the best modern entertainment units and come with a well-stocked bar. You can just sit back and relax, catch up on some news or television shows as you are driven home in the lap of luxury.
  • Limo seats are made of plush leather and are perfect for a short snooze. You can just put on some soothing music and sleep your jet lag off before you even reach home! You will reach your family fresh and in high spirits.
  • If you are coming back from a business meeting, you can also use your travel time to catch up on work and take some time off to spend with your family once you get home.


Limo rides are in complete contrast with the hassle you have to go through at the airports. Therefore they are considered to be the best vehicles for airport transfers.